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Practicing What We Preach: A Sharp Employee’s Perspective on the WCD
Craig Hanson /

Practicing What We Preach: A Sharp Employee’s Perspective on the WCD

If your average day looks anything like mine, it’s stacked full of meetings with groups of internal and external folks of a variety of sizes on countless topics. To top it off, I’m trying to manage a hybrid work schedule, and need to rely on seamless communication, whether in or out of the office. In any other organization, I couldn’t imagine the stress this could cause. However, working for Sharp, and taking advantage of our collaboration tools has helped make this easy and seamless.

We all miss meeting together. Nowadays, when we meet together in person, we have to mask and social distance, but what about the people on the other end of the line? Do I need to worry if they hear us? Can I hear them loud and clear? When the roles are reversed, can they hear me clearly?

While we were working remotely in 2020, Sharp installed a few Windows Collaboration Displays (WCD) in our Montvale, NJ headquarters conference rooms. While the WCD may look like your average display, it would be a mistake to assume this is the case.

When I plug into the USB-C, the WCD senses the connection, and automatically engages the camera, speakers, and integrated directional microphone array that effectively picks up sound from anywhere within the collaboration space. Sound is a huge part of my life as a musician and audiophile, and clear, crisp sound is crucial to effective communications especially in a remote or hybrid meeting setting. I am continually amazed at not only the quality of sound, but also the sensitivity of the mics. Even in a large conference room with multiple people with voices of varying volumes covered by masks, I can hear everyone clearly on the other end…sometimes, even better than if I were present in the room myself!

Wireless casting is simple and intuitive, but when I’m running a little low on power, I can connect via the USB-C to charge my laptop while presenting. If it’s just me in a conference room, I can toggle between the camera on the WCD or on my personal laptop. My colleagues and I can connect multiple laptops to display our screens simultaneously. To top it off, the WCD also monitors room conditions including temperature, air quality, motion detection and more via the onboard sensor array.

If your organization has struggled with hybrid environments or communicating on outdated equipment, I suggest you take the Sharp WCD for a spin. It may change how you communicate and collaborate while moving you towards a simpler, smarter office experience.