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Navigating the "New Normal" with Sharp

When the world seemed to come to a halt, you kept working. Not to say that it was easy. There were new skills to learn, new technologies to master, and new co-workers to deal with. But you persevered and adapted. Now, there are more challenges ahead as people return to the workplace, remain remote, or begin hybrid work. Luckily, Sharp has products that, like you, can adapt to the “new normal.”

Synappx Workspaces - For a Simply Smarter Workplace

As many organizations assess how to safely return to the office, analytical data is becoming an increasingly valuable tool to facilitate employee productivity. See how by using the power of data and analytics generated by Synappx Workspaces you can make your workplace simply smarter.

Be Productive On the Go with Home Technology Bundles

As more and more businesses transition to hybrid environments that combine working from home and working in the office, it has never been more critical to put secure hardware and network solutions into place. In this age of phishing and ransomware threats, simply providing hardware for workers to use in their home office is not enough. Sharp has designed three office technology bundles that make it easy for IT professionals and office managers to equip hybrid workers with everything they need to be effective. These bundles can be quickly customized to each customer’s needs and then be provisioned to help meet each company’s data security policies.

Synappx Go for a Safer and Smarter Workplace

At home or in the office, Synappx Go helps make the workplace safer and smarter. Hold productive meetings, access documents and devices, and collaborate safely—all from your personal devices.

The Evolving Cybersecurity Threat for SMBs

Organizations of all sizes are transforming to better serve their customers in a digital economy. For most this involves distributing applications to public clouds to increase agility and leveraging data more effectively to provide a differentiated experience. In this video brief, we discuss how this has also created higher levels of IT complexity and expanded the attack surface, placing these organizations at risk for cyberattacks.

Synappx Go Check In Feature

Sharp is helping organizations protect their employees by helping them navigate the "new normal." Sharp's Synnappx Go offers a "check in" feature to help track employees' touch points as they move throughout the day.

Touchless Solutions for a Healthier Office

As we return to smarter and healthier offices, many businesses are exploring new ways to ensure employees' safety and productivity. Sharp offers features and applications that provide simply smarter experiences for our customers.

Welcome to the Sharp Remote Concierge Station (Demo)

The Sharp Remote Concierge Station helps organizations staff key locations without having an employee on site. This solution provides the personal touch of a life-size, live interaction while keeping employees safe.

BLDD Architects [Success Story]

At BLDD Architects, printer technology is very important in order to show clients what they can do. Reliability is key for this 90-year-old architectural firm with three offices in Illinois and Iowa. The firm chose Sharp, not only for the quality of their products, but for being passionate and fun to work with.

Product Demo: Solving today's business challenges with the Windows collaboration display from Sharp

Christine Bush, government major account manager for Sharp, reviews in detail the communications, collaboration and spatial challenges that organizations face when working with employees working from home and in the office, and how the Windows collaboration display from Sharp can help solve those challenges.

Encouraging Student Participation with the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® PN-C Series

Today’s students are accustomed to technology. Yet, most classrooms tend to lag behind the technological curve. Sharp PN-C Series all-in-one, AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems enable instructors to encourage student participation by presenting information in a smart, intuitive display.

The Smart Office - Part 1 - What is the Smart Office?

In this first of a three-part video series Sharp's VP of New Business Development Cliff Quiroga explores the technology and business operations behind the Smart Office, beginning with a basic definition.

The Smart Office - Part 2 - Key Terms and Technology

In this part 2 of the Smart Office Series, Sharp's VP of New Business Development Cliff Quiroga digs in to some of the key terms and technology behind the smart office.

The Smart Office - Part 3 - Emerging Technologies

In this part 3 of the Smart Office Series, Sharp's VP of New Business Development Cliff Quiroga looks at how emerging technologies are forming the framework of today's smart office.

Sharp MFPs and Blackboard: Printing and Submitting Assignments

Sharp has teamed up with Blackboard to improve new and traditional workflows in education environments, helping educators and students optimize their experience with Sharp MFPs.

Imagine the Future of Work

Once the workforce returns to the office after working remotely, there will be an enhanced expectation for better collaboration in the workplace. Learn how the Windows collaboration display from Sharp can play a role in a post COVID-19 world.

WCD Connected Brings Collaboration to Microsoft Stores around the Globe

The Windows collaboration display (WCD) at Microsoft’s NYC flagship location brought together Seattle, Washington, New York City, Amsterdam and Madrid in a global streaming video conferencing event. See how our next-generation 4K UHD, 70-inch Sharp PN-CD701 WCD differentiates from nearly every other collaboration board on the market.

Learn How the Windows Collaboration Display Can Help Meeting Productivity

For teamwork to be truly effective, people need to share information in a comfortable environment. See how the Windows collaboration display from Sharp's advanced specifications, teamwork-centric design and IoT connectivity is at the forefront of the smart office era.

Connectivity Option for the AQUOS BOARD® PN-L Series

Learn how to connect your PC to the Sharp PN-L AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Series in this short tutorial.

Gallery Functions for the AQUOS BOARD® PN-L Series

Learn how to access and leverage the media gallery of the Sharp PN-L AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Series in this short tutorial.

Drawing Function Overview for the AQUOS BOARD® PN-L Series

In this short tutorial learn how to save a file from Direct Drawing as well as how to add an image to direct drawing on the Sharp PN-L AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Series.

Save Files from the Drawing Function on the AQUOS BOARD® PN-L Series

In this short tutorial learn how to save a file from Direct Drawing as well as how to add an image to direct drawing on the Sharp PN-L AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Series.

Sharp Takes Home Three Frank Awards

Recently, Sharp took home three Frank Awards at The Cannata Report’s 34th Annual Awards & Charities Dinner, including the Best Manufacturer and Best-in-Class awards and the Best Male Executive honor for Mike Marusic, President and CEO of SIICA. Here are some highlights from the event.

Introducing the Windows collaboration display from Sharp

Sharp invites you to experience the "Always smarter meeting" with the Windows collaboration display from Sharp. Productivity depends on the time we put in, as well as the quality of work we do, using the best possible tools. Wherever you do your best work, the Windows collaboration display from Sharp is a next generation 4K 70" interactive display, enabling better space utilization and more productive collaboration in meetings almost anywhere you have them.

Product Announcements from the #SharpOwnIt2019 National Dealer Meeting

At Sharp's 2019 National Dealer Meeting, product announcements included the Windows collaboration display from Sharp, Dynabook laptops, and Synnapx software. These products are designed to improve productivity through ease of connection and use, improved collaboration, and secure sharing – so your devices and collaborators can connect as quickly and securely as you need.

Introducing Synappx

Sharp has launched a new platform called Synappx to reshape the digital workplace and help advance the Smart Office!

Sharp Copier Active Directory Integration Drives Productivity and Enhances Security

Sharp technology allows your Advanced or Essentials Document System to connect to your network as a trusted device, operating and managed as a computer, using the management and security features of Active Directory and Group Policy.

Microsoft Inspire 2019: Sharing the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp

Sharp attends Microsoft Inspire for the first time to share the Windows collaboration display from Sharp: a collaborative, 4K interactive display that improves how we work and where we work at the same time.

Sharp Wins the Buyers Lab 2019 Copier MFP Line of the Year Award

Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab (BLI) is the world's leading independent evaluator of document imaging hardware, software, and services, and has awarded Sharp the BLI 2019 Copier MFP Line of the Year Award. This prestigious honor has been presented to Sharp on behalf of the product's quality, ease-of-use, innovation and continued improvements based on independent product testing.

Sharp's Modern Office

From creation to finish, the Sharp modern office easily and efficiently allows you to create, scan, annotate, print, copy and email information quickly.

Virtual Modern Smart Office Space Solutions

Sharp demos virtual modern smart office space solutions at InfoComm 2019

Windows collaboration display from Sharp at InfoComm 2019

Sharp Unveils the Windows collaboration display from Sharp which includes a sensor hub for data collection

PN-L Series of 4K Ultra HD AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display Systems

Sharp previews the PN-L Series of 4K Ultra HD AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems at InfoComm 2019

PN-C Series of Economic Classroom Displays

Sharp introduces PN-C Series of economic classroom displays at InfoComm 2019

Wireless Huddle Space Solution With M501 Smart Signage SoC Display

Sharp demos a wireless huddle space solution with M501 smart signage SoC display at InfoComm 2019

Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine [Success Story]

ICOM is Idaho's first medical school. As such, the school relies on effective communication, connectivity, and cost-effective learning tools. By providing commercial LCD displays in the auditorium, labs, and in various areas around campus, Sharp was able to help provide smart, easy-to-use equipment to assist students and teachers alike.

Outsourcing to Insourcing

In-house printing can save businesses time and money by bringing print work inhouse. Let Sharp show you how this can be achieved with our award-winning Pro Series models.

BLI Roundtable with Bob Madaio - Part 1

Sharp's Vice President of Marketing Bob Madaio, sits down with Randy Dazo and Deanna Flanick of Keypoint Intelligence to discuss what the organization does and what it means to earn a Buyers Lab award.

BLI Roundtable with Bob Madaio - Part 2

Sharp's Vice President of Marketing Bob Madaio, sits down with George Mikolay and Pete Emory of Keypoint Intelligence to discuss how the organization performs product testing and what it means to earn a Buyers Lab award.

DSE 2019 Windows Collaboration Display

Stephen Brauner reports from Digital Signage Expo 2019 to review the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp.

DSE 2019 Product Review

rAVe Publications Executive Editor, Sara Abrons, interviews Gary Bailer at Digital Signage Expo 2019 to review product information from Day 1 of the show.

Sharp Intros 4K PNHM Series of Displays with Built-in SOC Android-Based Controller

Stephen Brauner reports from Digital Signage Expo 2019 to review the new 4K PNHM series of displays with built-in SOC Android-based controller.

Sharp Showcases Its 4K PNUH Series of Commercial Displays With Built-In Digital Tuners

Stephen Brauner reports from Digital Signage Expo 2019 to review the new 4K PNUH series of commercial displays with built-in digital tuners.

Sharp Unveils Its 80″ 8K Display

Stephen Brauner reports from Digital Signage Expo 2019 to review the Sharp 80-inch 8K display, available in the summer 2019.

Sharp Partners with the NY Giants to Donate Interactive Displays to Special Needs School

What a great day! Recently, Sharp had a chance to partner with the NY Giants to donate four AQUOS BOARD interactive displays to BCSS Bleshman Regional Day School. Special thanks to Giants' players Zak DeOssie and Jamon Brown for the time they spent with these amazing children!

Sharp 4K AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display System Overview

The Sharp 4K AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system offers a highly sensitive 4K Ultra-HD touchscreen with Capacitive Touch and Palm Cancellation technology, achieving a distinctive Pen-on-Paper® writing experience.

Sharp Pen Software 3.7 Optional Features on the AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display System

SHARP Pen Software 3.7 offers new optional features including a connector to cloud applications, such as Google Drive, OneDrive®, and SharePoint®. Users can now place whiteboard mode in the back of their workspace while working in other windows, while also taking advantage of new features including the Bookmark and Sticky Note icons.

The Kleingers Group [Success Story]

Design and construction company, The Kleingers Group, supports roughly 250 types of IT equipment for its employees. Sharp's highly reliable multifunction printers (MFP) allow employees to create and print accurate, detailed 11x17 drawings in a short amount of time and scan those drawings back onto the network to be edited.

Northern Virginia Family Service [Success Story]

Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS) helps families and individuals in need create stability and self-sufficiency with a wide range of critical services. Sharp's easy to use multifunction printers (MFPs) provide the best amount of good for the least amount of money – allowing NVFS to reduce the total cost of industry for devices by approximately 50 percent.

Printers from Sharp for the Advanced Office

Check out the four newest additions to our desktop multifunction printer line, which include two monochrome desktop printers and two monochrome desktop copiers.

From The Outside Looking In – InfoComm 2018

Sharp’s innovative lineup, as demonstrated at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas, left attendees excited for what’s to come.

The Skywell Lifestyle: Smart Water for the Office

Find out how you can indulge your office with a glass of fresh water.

Lifematters [Success Story]

Lifematters, an organization that manages caregivers for the elderly, relies on printing and scanning for much of their daily routine. Because it is so important, it is one of those things that just has to work. See how Sharp multifunction printers make this happen.

Cardon & Associates [Success Story]

Cardon & Associates, a senior living organization, explains how the efficiency of Sharp multifunction printers (MFPs) have freed up resources. This helps allow them to better focus on taking care of what matters, their residents.

Sharp MFP Shorts: OpGuide

Instruction manual? How about answers from an LCD on your MFP? Your business just got easier!

Sharp MFP Shorts: Image Quality

Don't know about PANTONE® Color Matching? Your business just got more visible with Sharp MFPs!

Sharp MFP Shorts: Walk-Up Sensor

Sleeps like a baby and saves energy? Try a Sharp MFP. Your business just got smarter and more energy efficient!

Sharp MFP Shorts: Tandemprint and Copy

Learn how to delegate! Here's how a Sharp MFP can help. Your business just got more powerful!

Sharp MFP Shorts: Serverless Print Release

Send your print from one location and pick up in another? Your business just got more innovative!

Sharp AQUOS BOARD® Pen-on-Paper® User Experience

What makes the Pen-on-Paper user experience found in the Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display system stand out from the competition?

St. Joseph School [Success Story]

John Knierim, director of IT from St. Joseph School in Seattle talks about how the school's Sharp multifunction printers "Just work," benefiting the teachers, staff and ultimately the 595 students who attend the school.

Peters Township School District [Success Story]

Peters Township School District is committed to transforming the classroom for the modern learner. Learn how the district is changing the game for its students and faculty by using Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive displays to help strengthen student engagement and learning.

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden [Success Story]

People often say they work at a zoo, but for Eric Davis he actually does! As the system administrator for the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Eric helps ensure internal systems run smoothly, enabling the zoo to provide a world-class recreational and educational experience. See how Sharp MFPs and the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive displays are used for their document management and educational activities at the zoo.

Francis Parker School Enhances Student Learning [Success Story]

The IT department at Francis Parker School is dedicated to enhancing student learning by providing teachers with the tools necessary to do their jobs. See why they chose Sharp multifunctional printers to transform their document management processes.

Back to School Made Simple with Sharp!

Back to School Made Simple! Download our Back to School checklist and let us know what’s on top of your list this year!

Back to School Checklist


Meet SHARP’s new wireless AQUOS BOARD PN-L703W & PN-L603W Interactive Display Systems

Royal Cup Fuels Innovation with Sharp [Success Story]

See how one of the world's oldest and most prestigious coffee and tea providers stays innovative and at the head of its industry. The IT pros at Royal Cup play a critical part in creating an empowered and engaged workforce. They chose Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive displays for more collaborative meetings and Sharp Multifunctional Printers (MFPs) to improve document management work-flows.

Manufacturer Ups Collaboration with AQUOS BOARD® Display [Success Story]

IT pro Eric J.'s managers were looking to ditch their awkward webcams-pointed-at-the-whiteboard setup for online meetings. Enter the Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display system. With its massive interactive display, the Sharp AQUOS BOARD display makes presentations collaborative like never before and made a BIG impression in the conference room. No more snapping blurry smartphone pics of post-meeting whiteboards in this office!

Caldwell University (Customer Testimonial)

To accommodate the changing needs of its digitally mobile student body, Caldwell University installed approximately 35 Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems and more than 30 Sharp displays and monitors across its campus.

Doug Albregts Talks Innovation and how Sharp is becoming ‘Irresistible’

Doug Albregts, president of Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), discusses at the C-Suite Conference how he found ways to make Sharp innovative as well as changing the company culture by defining its’ identity.

From Imagination to Realization

Ideas and plans begin in your imagination, and creativity comes from the collaborative expertise and skills to turn it into reality. In this short video a collaboration team of architects, landscapers, interior designers work with the Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system to enhance their business' ability to present, persuade and to astound.

More than just a touchscreen display! Introducing Sharp's New PN-L803C AQUOS BOARD Interactive Display System

Sharp's 80" Class (80" diagonal) PN-L803C AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system with capacitive multi-touch technology is so intuitive and responsive that it feels like you are writing on a conventional whiteboard. The PN-L803C display revolutionizes the way you collaborate with colleagues or classmates.

Sharp AQUOS BOARD® Display Featured on the “Worldwide Business with kathy ireland” TV program

In this 14-minute segment on the “Worldwide Business with kathy Ireland® TV program, Sharp SVP of Marketing and Operations Mike Marusic discusses how the award-winning AQUOS BOARD interactive display helps companies increase productivity through superior collaboration and technology integration.

AQUOS BOARD Demonstration Videos

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD® interactive display system is an excellent communications tool for classroom and business environments alike. Watch our demonstration videos to learn how this award-winning product can enhance your ability to collaborate, present, persuade and astound.

Multifunctional Printer User Interface Videos

Sharp multifunctional printers (MFPs) have an advanced touch screen display that allows you to preview, edit and customize documents without having to walk back to your desk! Watch our video demonstrations to see how the Sharp MFP user interface simplifies and speeds the production process for a variety of business environments.