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Rosemont College Transforms Campus with Hybrid Learning Technology

Rosemont College Transforms Campus with Hybrid Learning Technology

Rosemont College, a private liberal arts college in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, includes the Undergraduate College and the Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies. The Undergraduate College offers 27 majors and 27 minors, ranging from arts, business and humanities to natural sciences and mathematics. The school hosts 14 NCAA athletic teams.

The college was facing challenges due to outdated technology and needed to upgrade classrooms to accommodate online learning. Also, professors weren’t utilizing the current smart software because of training hurdles, systems weren’t easily integrating and many classrooms had old projectors that were difficult to maintain. Rosemont College reached out to Philadelphia-area integrator Haverford Systems, a Sharp authorized dealer, for a complete makeover of their classrooms and libraries.

“Once the AQUOS BOARDs were installed, that was really the last time I had anything to do with them! They are so easy to use, they basically run themselves.”

Dan Mason, Director of Information Technology, Rosemont College


Rosemont College


  • Outdated technology in classrooms
  • Needed to engage remote students
  • Couldn’t integrate with software solutions
  • Passive learning tools without interactive capabilities


  • (11) 80" Class (80.5" diagonal) Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems
  • (1) 90" Class (90-1/16" diagonal) Sharp professional display
  • SHARP Pen Software
  • PTZOptics cameras


  • Standardized technology in every classroom
  • Collaborative learning opportunities for students
  • Easy-to-use connectivity for teachers in all classrooms
  • Increase in student participation of remote and in-class students when on video calls

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