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Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Displays Improve Learning Culture at Blossom Montessori School

Sharp AQUOS BOARD Interactive Displays Improve Learning Culture at Blossom Montessori School

Business Environment Challenges
Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf is one of only two schools in the U.S. using Montessori teaching methods with deaf and hard-of-hearing children. The school is broken into four classrooms based on age, and includes both deaf and hard of hearing children from a variety of different life situations.

Blossom Montessori, a highly respected learning environment, needed an equipment upgrade to enhance the education experience. Students were trying to learn by huddling around laptops and small desktop computers to view images and videos. Since the school also accommodates students with other disabilities including those with sight and mobility impairment, this became a major concern.

In addition, with a mix of outdated hardware distributed throughout the school including laptops, and compact desktop computers, Blossom Montessori’s learning technologies were unreliable, causing daily challenges for learning in the classroom. School director Julie Rutenberg resolved to improve learning by updating these technologies to meet the specific needs of Blossom Montessori’s approximately 30 students.  

“Everyone loves the new Sharp equipment—teachers, students and parents. The captions on the screen are huge and can be seen from anywhere in the classroom. They’re very easy to learn how to use, even for our 4-year-olds.”

Julie Rutenberg, Director, Blossom Montessori School


Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf


  • Outdated classroom technologies
  • Limited interactive learning capabilities
  • Lack of large, visual displays for deaf students
  • Limited Internet connectivity


  • Six (6) 70" Class (69.5" diagonal) PN-L703B AQUOS BOARD interactive display systems
  • One (1) 60" Class (60.1" diagonal) PN-L603B AQUOS BOARD interactive display
  • Two (2) 55" (54.6" diagonal) Class PN-Y555 LED professional displays
  • One (1) MX-2640N color series document system


  • New learning technologies in every classroom
  • Large visual displays for deaf and hard-of-hearing students
  • Interactive teaching opportunities for students
  • Reliable access to Internet tools
  • Easy-to-use connectivity for teachers in all classrooms