AIP Core

AIP Core is a suite of centrally managed, easy-to-use connectors that are designed to enhance the print and scan functions of enabled MFPs. The new AIP Core software supports a suite of connectors that provides customers with a secure, integrated document scanning and printing experience.

Key Features Include:

  • AIP Core helps to simplify and streamline traditional and industry specific business processes.
  • A new engaging user interface for admins and users.
  • Support for new industry specific workflows for education and healthcare market.

Connectors Available for:

  • SharePoint® (NEW)
  • Fax (NEW)
  • Solarity®(NEW)
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Email

AIP Core Supported Models

Mono Devices Color Devices
MX-B376W MX-C303W
MX-B467F MX-C304W
MX-B476W MX-C407F
MX-B557F MX-C507F
MX-M2651 MX-2651
MX-M3051 MX-3051
MX-M3551 MX-3551
MX-M4051 MX-4051
MX-M5051 MX-5051
MX-M6051 MX-6051
MX-M3071 MX-3071
MX-M3571 MX-3571
MX-M4071 MX-4071
MX-M5071 MX-5071
MX-M6071 MX-6071
MX-M7570 MX-6580N (without Fiery option)
MX-M905 MX-7580N (without Fiery option)
MX-M1055 (without Fiery option) MX-7090N (without Fiery option)
MX-M1205 (without Fiery option) MX-8090N (without Fiery option)