Providing fast, flexible access to documents
no matter where you are in the office

Transform Your MFP into
a Customized Portal

Sharp OSA technology can help employees at every level of your organization by optimizing investment, reducing costs, enhancing productivity, and simplifying IT management.

Sharp OSA Technology Benefits:

  • Optimized Investments
  • Engaging Interfaces
  • Customized Workflows
  • Integrated Security

Optimized Investments

Sharp OSA technology extends Sharp MFP functions and provides value-added features to maximize corporate investments.

  • Improved employee performance
  • Compliance with industry regulations
  • Overall cost reductions through improved efficiency

Engaging Interfaces

Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface facilitates operation through customizable screens and interactive capabilities.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Simplified steps to process documents faster and more easily

Customized Workflows

Manage your document workflow easily, efficiently and more securely. Helps eliminate redundant tasks and seamlessly integrates your workflows.

  • Minimized redundant tasks
  • Seamlessly integrated daily document workflow

Integrated Security

Manage user access and usage of your MFP resources through integration capabilities for network security and cost accounting applications.

  • Improved access control and usage tracking
  • Integrated corporate IT security policies
  • MFP user authentication with corporate ID cards

Create Your Own Custom
Integrations or Utilize
Existing Applications

You can create your own custom integrations or take advantage of the growing portfolio of Sharp OSA applications available from Sharp Partner Program Members which can provide: Document Management and Archiving, Automated Document Workflow, Document Scanning to E-mail, Fax Servers, as well as Accounting and Access Control.


A suite of Sharp-developed applications is available through Sharp authorized dealers who enrolled in the Authorized Integrator Program (AIP). These applications are centrally managed, simplifying IT administration tasks. Most AIP applications are designed to complement most popular Microsoft® environments.

AIP Connect

AIP Connect is a library of easy-to-use connectors that are designed to perform tasks to enhance the basic print and scan functions of Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs (please see complete list of supported models below). The AIP Connect platform supports a set of connectors that can be centrally managed. And, it provides IT departments and customers with a secure, integrated and product document scanning and printing experience within their existing and new IT infrastructure.

Key Features Include:

  • Streamline business processes with AIP Connect, a suite of connectors designed to complement the most popular Microsoft®, cloud and select vertical environments.
  • AIP Connect is one platform with one install and helps to centrally manage individual connectors, users and settings, minimizing IT support time and effort.
  • Additionally, AIP Connect features automated MFP device discovery and the ability to push configuration, which reduces the IT workload to install and configure AIP Connect while putting more emphasis on IT's ability to control a secured experience for workplace users.

Connectors Available for:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Network/Folder
  • Microsoft SharePoint®
  • Microsoft OneDrive®
  • On Base®
  • Blackboard

E-mail Connector

The E-mail Connector on the Sharp OSA-enabled MFP provides authenticated users with access to all the features normally associated with Microsoft® Outlook®, such as global address book, personal address book and E-mail body. Sent E-mail is signed by the logged-in user and scanned E-mails appear in the sender's "sent messages" folder.

Key Features Include:

  • Access to your personal Outlook address book from Sharp MFP touch screen
  • Store sent e-mails to your "Sent Item" folders
  • Seamless integration between Exchange server and Sharp MFPs
  • Convenient central management for IT department

MyFolder Connector

With the MyFolder Connector, your Sharp MFP now becomes a convenient way to scan and save routine hardcopy documents to any network share. Seamless integration to Microsoft Active Directory networks provides authenticated users with access to their home folder as well as shared network folders right from the Sharp OSA-enabled MFP's control panel.

Key Features Include:

  • Secure document scan directly to your home folder
  • Simplified network folder browsing
  • Integrated Active Directory®
  • Central management of "Scan-to-Home" with multiple Sharp MFPs

Portal Connector

With the Portal Connector, Sharp MFPs provide seamless integration with the Microsoft SharePoint® server, enabling users to upload scans of hardcopy documents and enter keywords right from the MFP. Users can also browse SharePoint® document libraries at the MFP and select where to store scanned documents.

Key Features Include:

  • Integrated Microsoft SharePoint®
  • Scan hardcopy documents to specific document libraries
  • Central management of SharePoint® connections with multiple Sharp MFPs

Sharp is committed to meeting the ever-changing demands of the market and has fostered an active and extensive Sharp OSA® Developer community that adds value and functionality to our award-winning MFPs. As one of the most inclusive in the industry, membership in the Sharp Partner Program is open to qualified software and hardware vendors, Sharp customers and authorized dealers. This approach offers customers the freedom to choose from a broad range of applications and innovations from the best developers, now and in the future.

Leveraging the robust capabilities of Sharp OSA technology, developers who are members of the Sharp Partner Program are able to deliver highly customized solutions that enable MFPs to reach deeper into the organization than ever before. They are also able to develop unique and engaging user interfaces on the LCD display that help facilitate operation and can help increase workflow productivity.


Sharp OSA Validation

Through the Sharp Marketing Program, all Sharp OSA Developers are given the option of having their integrations validated by Sharp against a set of criteria to help ensure they work properly with Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs. Upon successful completion of testing, the integration earns the recognition of being Sharp OSA Validated and can be promoted with the use of the Validation Icon, providing assurance of successful operation to you.


Sharp Compatible Validation

In addition to developers of Sharp OSA applications, the Sharp Partner Program is also open to qualified software and hardware vendors with products complementary to Sharp MFPs. This extension of the Partner Marketing Program allows vendors to submit their product for Sharp Compatible validation. Once validated, compatible products are promoted with a unique validation icon, providing confidence that they will work with Sharp MFPs.

Sharp OSA 4x, 5x -
Cloud or On-Premises

Sharp OSA technology is cloud ready, enabling your IT department to make intelligent and informed decisions when it comes to solution deployment. With RESTful Web API, Sharp OSA technology supports Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud-enabled environments by efficiently assisting communications involving intermediaries such as firewalls. Enabling secure and scalable communications, Sharp OSA cloud-ready technology further expands flexibility in how the document workflow and security solutions are implemented.