Turn any space into a collaboration hub by enabling frictionless, hybrid meetings, all from the comfort of your phone, sparking creativity and innovation.

Spark Creativity and Innovation with Synappx Collaboration Experience

The Synappx collaboration hub helps make your office experience valuable, sparking creativity and innovation. 

Create Dynamic Collaboration Spaces

Mobile first, no laptop dependency
Works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and GoToConnect

Leave No One Behind

Instantly connect with all audiences
Dynamically share content with attendees

Simplify Meetings

Tap to start (no login required)
Meeting control at your fingertips

Starting the Meeting

Instantly engage with audiences and establish connections.  

Mobile phone with Synappx icon to tap to start a meeting

One tap to start your scheduled meeting or ad hoc meetings

Your web conference automatically opens and begins a meeting room display

Automatically connect to in-room audio and camera

During the Meeting

Share, control, and present with ease from the comfort of your phone.

Mobile phone with Synappx controls

Easily control the web conference including the microphone, camera, and screen share from the Synappx mobile app

Share your files from your cloud storage (Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.)

Access invite attachments, web pages, files from email or texts

Share and control content right from your mobile phone

Open and close pop-ups/browsers, control video playback (ie. YouTube) and more with the trackpad feature (beta).

Ending the Meeting

No need to worry about disconnecting, one tap and Synappx does it for you.

Tapping End on Mobile phone with Synappx controls

End web conference session

Close shared content

Bring the input back to default (if configured)

The room will reset to its original state deleting files created and browser history (when configured)

Synappx Admin Portal for Central Management

The Synappx Admin Portal allows you to track and manage Synappx Go and Synappx Meeting products from one location. Here administrators gain central control of all necessary components of Synappx Go and Synappx Meeting. Visualized data is available to give administrators insight into organizational trends.

Security is Our Number One Priority

Security is always at the forefront of Sharp’s innovative technology. With Microsoft® Azure, Office 365® technologies and security best practices, Synappx applications and services are protected by a layered security system. To learn more about the Synappx platform and security, please download our security white paper.

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Available Downloads

Synappx Meeting Application

Synappx Go Application

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Synappx Collaboration Hub Datasheet

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