IDC Defining a Successful Journey for Office Reentry

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IDC Analyst Connection: Defining a Successful Journey for Office Reentry

The way we work has experienced rapid transformation driven by digital advancements, including automation, augmented work, and the evolution of intelligent digital workspaces. A survey conducted by IDC in February 2021 revealed that remote and hybrid work models are becoming integral to accepted work practices across various industries. Almost half of the IT and LOB leaders surveyed acknowledged the growing significance of these models.

The survey findings shed light on the future of work. Respondents indicated that an intelligent digital workspace will become the expected way of working, enabling seamless collaboration across locations, time zones, and devices. Additionally, there has been a shift towards reliance on cloud-managed connectivity, devices, and services. Automation of repetitive tasks and workflows is expected to become commonplace, and physical workspaces are envisioned to become more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent.

Despite investing in collaboration technologies, organizations face challenges in ensuring effective teamwork. Merely purchasing software is not enough to build a culture of trust. Instead, organizations must focus on developing an organizational culture that supports diverse work modes and prioritizes team success over individual accomplishments.

According to IDC's Future of Work Survey, work transformation requires cross-functional leadership. CEOs were identified as the primary leaders (40%), followed by COOs (28%) and CIOs (27%). Collaboration between operations and technology leaders is crucial to bridging physical and virtual workspaces and integrating on-premises and remote work effectively.

To reimagine digital and physical workspaces successfully, organizations need to invest in secure collaboration tools, hardware, and services. Simultaneously, they must foster empathetic leadership practices that promote a culture of trust and innovation. These investments not only attract and retain top talent but also ensure productivity and competitiveness in today's challenging job market.

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