How to Use Digital Signage in a Hotel

How can digital signage be used effectively in the hospitality setting? Here are the top 10 ways to bring a hotel to the next level of communication and interactivity!


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How to Use Digital Signage in a Hotel

Here are just 10 of the nearly endless methods to bring a hotel to the next level of communication and interactivity.

Guest Check in/Out  
Guests won’t need to wait in line since they can use a kiosk.  

Interactive maps helps guests find their way around the hotel or local area.

Promote the hotel’s amenities including the spa, restaurant and gym, while generating advertising revenue from local businesses.

Real-time local news, weather and traffic reports add convenience. 

Social Media
Run social media feeds to increase followers who will post great reviews and images.

Video Wall 
A video wall in the main foyer conveys technology and style.

Deliver info on the daily special, happy hour, merchandise and much more.

Promote a festival or other local event that guests may not be aware of.

Customized Messages
Welcome guests for a conference, wedding or other special event.

Meeting Rooms
Interactive displays promote collaboration as attendees connect with their laptop computers, tablets and smart phones.

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