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Shipbuilding Company Keeps Processes in Check with Touchless Temp Solution

Shipbuilding Company Keeps Processes in Check with Touchless Temp Solution

Business Environment Challenges

A large shipbuilding company located in the Pacific Northwest, was looking for a simple and cost-effective solution to take their employees’ temperatures and eliminate the need to assign staff or hire outside contractors to do so.

The Director of Security at the shipbuilding company contacted Sharp for a demo after a colleague at another company passed along some marketing materials from Sharp about LivMote™, a touchless solution for temperature, mask checks and screening questions. They had hired contracted guards to manually take the temps throughout the day of their 10,000 employees, with shift changes every eight hours. The cost was significant, which is why the company wanted to investigate a better, more cost effective method to screen employees.

The customer is very pleased with the simplicity and cost savings the LivMote product provided them. The devices made complying with COVID-19 protocols easier and less costly.



  • Contracted guards were hired, which were costly
  • Required secure method on handling temp checks for labor unions
  • Needed an efficient way to manage COVID-19 protocols


  • 26 LivMote Thermal Scanners


  • Reduced costs by eliminated the need for additional staff
  • Capability to self-manage the installation process
  • Ability to bulk upload users’ information to their badges

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