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Intellis Gets Scalable IT Solution to Support Healthy Growth

Intellis Gets Scalable IT Solution to Support Healthy Growth

Hospitals and health centers are constantly striving to enhance patient care, improve documentation and maximize efficiencies. A critical piece of the puzzle is Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems.

About Intellis

Intellis, an e4 company, is a health information management consulting firm that contracts with hospitals and health systems to help them with documentation, coding and auditing of medical records. The company employs 800 professionals and counting, all of them remote.


The Challenge

Intellis is growing at a rapid rate and stressed concern that it had outgrown what its current vendor could handle both for IT Services as well as equipment supply of laptops and monitors. The company also discovered that they had excessive Microsoft 365 licenses, unveiling cost savings potential. 


The Solution

Intellis enlisted the help of Sharp to craft a full work-from-home technology kit and ordering system to get employees up and running. This solution includes Dynabook laptops, NEC desktop monitors, cybersecurity protection, Microsoft 365 licensing and help desk services.

“Being able to send Sharp a message saying, ‘Hey we need 100 laptops tomorrow and here are the names of the employees’, there’s no stress anymore, we know they will get to employees in a timely manner.”

Shawn Van Doren Vice President of Compliance




Technology Integrator

Sharp Business Systems


  • Completely remote business model
  • Rapidly growing
  • Needed to keep track of equipment in the field
  • Maintaining compliance



  • 360+ Dynabook laptops
  • 350+ NEC monitors
  • Managed Help Desk service
  • Microsoft 365
  • Equipment tracking dashboard