Creating the Perfect Meeting Environment

Creating the Perfect Meeting Image

Creating the Perfect Meeting Environment

Why do we need to be concerned about the temperature of our meeting spaces? Or the lighting? Considering the significant amount of time and money we invest in meetings, it's crucial to optimize these environments. According to Sharp's research, office workers spend approximately 25 hours per person per month in meetings, emphasizing the need for an effective meeting space.

While various factors contribute to the success and productivity of a meeting, environmental elements like temperature and air quality form the foundation. Extensive academic research demonstrates the substantial impact of these conditions on our work performance.

The exciting development lies in Sharp's Windows collaboration display, which enables quick and easy monitoring of meeting environments. Alongside its teamwork-enhancing features, this display incorporates smart sensors capable of measuring temperature, humidity, ambient light, air quality levels, and potentially even the number of meeting attendees. This, combined with Sharp's Synappx Workspaces Intelligence platform, provides a comprehensive dashboard of environmental data previously unattainable in such a technically straightforward and cost-effective solution.

This innovation opens doors to smarter cloud-based building management systems without the need for physical building alterations. Efficient environmental management not only boosts productivity but also reduces waste and saves money. It's wasteful to illuminate and air-condition unused meeting rooms or keep them uncomfortably hot or cold, which is a common complaint. Imagine the savings if a building could intelligently adjust lighting, cooling, and room preparation based on scheduled meetings.

By prioritizing the optimization of meeting environments through advanced technology, we can create more productive and resource-efficient workplaces. The Windows collaboration display from Sharp offers a promising solution, enabling data-driven decision-making for meeting space management and facilitating cost savings while enhancing productivity.

Sharp's innovative Windows collaboration display can help revolutionize your meeting space management, boost productivity, and save costs - read the full white paper now.