Simply Smarter Work: Increase Information Security

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In the age of phishing and ransomware threats keeping a network and your corporate data secure is challenging, especially if you are supporting remote or hybrid workers.

A montage of IT workers working on servers alongside people working on their laptops conducting remote work.

In a recent SMB cybersecurity survey by the Enterprise Strategy Group, almost half of all respondents said that their business had been the victim of multiple security incidents, in the last year.

An animation plays, using graphics to showcase visual representations of the amount of business that had been victims.

95% of those survey respondents said that they were using, planning to use, or interested in turning to managed service providers in order to have the resources to handle any IT threats.

A montage of multiple coworkers having a remote meeting all in different locations and using their headsets to communicate.

Network assessments, remote device protection, security ready printers and laptops and continual monitoring from Sharp or our IT Services ready dealer partners can help keep your data safe, your networks protected and your employees productive.

A short animation with iconography and graphics to showcase how Sharp and its IT Service ready dealers can help with protecting business data and networks.