Universal Print from Microsoft®

Leverage the Power of Universal Print from Microsoft

Universal Print is a modern print solution that organizations can use to manage their print infrastructure through cloud services from Microsoft. This Microsoft 365 subscription-based service enables simple, rich, and secure printing experiences, while reducing time and effort for IT administrators.

Universal Print runs on Microsoft Azure and is fully integrated with Azure Active Directory, providing secure and efficient printing. Universal Print can be deployed with most current Sharp MFP and printer models by using the Universal Print connector software from Microsoft. Additionally, future MFP and Printer models from Sharp will support Universal Print natively (without a connector) beginning in the fall of this year.

Universal Print from Microsoft infographic

Most current Sharp MFP and printer models support Universal Print with the Universal Print Connector from Microsoft. View list of supported models.

Future Sharp MFP and printer models beginning in fall 2021 will support Universal print natively (via firmware) and will not require Universal Print Connector.