Sharpdesk® Software


The newly designed Sharpdesk v5 is an easy-to-use desktop-based, personal document management application that lets users browse, edit, search, compose, process and forward scanned and native electronic documents. The exciting update to the user interface makes navigation and access to important files quick and easy.

Sharpdesk enables the creation and distribution of proposals, reports and more with the ease of drag and drop operation. Simply drag and drop your files onto Sharpdesk software's work area and you'll be able to browse through them in a single window. Each file type can be displayed as a thumbnail for quick visual location and identification of a document. Over 200 types of files, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, TIFF, JPEG and BMP, are supported.

The search function of Sharpdesk software lets you quickly find documents by searching full text and utilizing metadata fields including image PDF and TIF files. The full text search utility yields results in thumbnails with a summary for faster recognition of the correct file.

With Sharpdesk Composer, you can combine different file types (image, PDF, MS Office files, etc) into a single document through simple drag-and-drop operation. The 'Convert by OCR' function on the Sharpdesk Output Zone provides the ability to convert image files and image PDFs into searchable PDFs and various MS Office file formats to edit content.

An annotation function in Sharpdesk Imaging provides a range of useful editing tools, including text, labels and stamps, allowing network users to review and proofread documents without overwriting original files and eliminating the need to print hard copies.

Sharpdesk software is included with the embedded Network Scanning in Sharp multifunction document system devices, allowing you to scan paper documents, forward them or even convert them into editable digital files.


  • Save time and steps, and leverage your Sharp MFP investment by providing easy-to-use scanning directly to your desktop.
  • Search results with thumbnail, filename and keyword for fast and easy recognition.
  • Composing makes document assembly easy.
  • Compressing saves memory space and provides faster network communications.
  • Administration is more efficient and IT involvement minimized with automatic device discovery and IP address synchronization to keep you productive.


  • Exciting new user interface for easy navigation and access to files and settings.
  • Integration with the new Sharp License Portal makes management of entitlement IDs seamless as v5 supports a 30-day trial license and revocation of license to transfer to a different or new computer.
  • Combine, split and rotate image files for proper presentation and printing.
  • Imaging editor for modifying image documents.
  • Create personal scan profiles to add processing options like Convert by OCR to perform on-the-fly when scanning to desktop.
  • Automatically discover and connect to Sharp MFPs on network for scanning to desktop.
  • Tight integration with Sharp MFPs and metadata capabilities for easy and fast scanning directly to your desktop.
  • Provides peer-to-peer scanning (no server required) eliminating multiple possible points of failure.


Specifications and information subject to change without notice