Provide your organization with a digital document process that allows you to manage business more efficiently. From increased productivity and effective collaboration, to business continuity and regulatory compliance, GlobalSearch saves both time and money, contributing to the overall growth and success of your business.

How it Works

  • Scalable Scalable

    Whether big or small, GlobalSearch is perfect for organizations of any size, offering flexible pricing and configuration with the ability to customize your Document Management solution for your specific business applications.

  • Powerful Powerful

    GlobalSearch electronically manages anything from scanned papers to digital files, such as PDF, JPG, TIF, Word™, Excel™, and Outlook™. GlobalSearch includes a fully integrated scanning module, with automation capabilities, multifaceted searching and granular user-based security for worry-free storage.

  • Intuitive Intuitive

    GlobalSearch is simple to navigate, easy to use, learn and support. With its similar look and feel to the Microsoft Office™ interface, GlobalSearch is completely customizable to fit your specific business needs as you decide the path of your documents.

  • Accessible Accessible

    GlobalSearch functions on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. Whether iOS or Android™, laptop, tablet or smartphone, GlobalSearch delivers the speed of a desktop browser so users can get to their work and contribute remotely all while keeping content secure.

Key Features & Benefits

GlobalSearch has powerful functionality that brings your business to new levels of efficiency. From mobile access and flexibility to security and auditing, the capture, retrieval and distribution of your most important business information is made simple.
  • Secure Information - Increase document security, simplify compliance and protect against unauthorized access with our robust security model, even when you're on the go.
  • Reduce Costs - Save money and labor by eliminating paper-based file handling as well as off-site storage costs to make better use of your office space.
  • Enhance Access - Improving access to information from anywhere at any time by giving your staff immediate access to information via a centralized repository for all your business content.
  • Automate Procedures - Easily design well defined processes that enforce business rules, set escalation schedules and systemize manual tasks like notifications and approvals.
  • Improve Collaboration - Easily share and collaborate between teams through a web-based platform to improve creativity while enabling reviews and approvals.
  • Reinforce Policy - Protect your organization, define policies and procedures and enforce business rules with workflows that track related activity and keeps your organization compliant.
  • Share Information - Integrate and collaborate on cross-functional documents with your existing line of business applications to share data or create portals for content access.
  • Extended Functionality - Further enhance the possibilities of ECM with Capture Automation (GlobalCapture MFP Connector), Business Process Management, File XChange and more – eliminating the need for manual data entry while providing easy insight into document processes.