AirPrint™ Support

Print web pages, photos, e-mail and more with AirPrint-enabled Sharp devices; there is no set up required, quickly print what you want it! AirPrint is Apple’s printing technology that provides instant printing capabilities for iOS® and OS X devices. Select Sharp MFPs and printers have built-in AirPrint technology enabling users to print from their iPad®, iPhone® and iPod® touch or Mac devices without requiring a print driver.

Supported Sharp Models:

  • BP-50C26
  • BP-50C31
  • BP-50C36
  • BP-50C45
  • BP-50C55
  • BP-50C65
  • BP-70C31
  • BP-70C36
  • BP-70C45
  • BP-70C55
  • BP-70C65
  • MX-7081
  • MX-8081
  • MX-C357F
  • MX-C407P
  • MX-C428F
  • MX-C528F
  • MX-C528P
  • MX-C607P
  • MX-C303WH
  • MX-C304WH
  • BP-50M26
  • BP-50M31
  • BP-50M36
  • BP-50M45
  • BP-50M55
  • BP-50M65
  • BP-70M31
  • BP-70M36
  • BP-70M45
  • BP-70M55
  • BP-70M65
  • BP-70M75
  • BP-70M90
  • MX-M1056
  • MX-M1206
  • MX-B557F
  • MX-B557P
  • MX-B707P
  • BP-B540WR
  • BP-B550WD


Apple, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. AirPrint and the AirPrint logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other counties and is used under license by Apple Inc.