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AIP Connect

AIP Connect is a library of easy-to-use connectors that are designed to perform tasks to enhance the basic print and scan functions of Sharp OSA-enabled MFPs (please see complete list of supported models below). The AIP Connect platform supports a set of connectors that can be centrally managed. And, it provides IT departments and customers with a secure, integrated and product document scanning and printing experience within their existing and new IT infrastructure.

Key Features Include:

  • Streamline business processes with AIP Connect, a suite of connectors designed to complement the most popular Microsoft®, cloud and select vertical environments.
  • AIP Connect is one platform with one install and helps to centrally manage individual connectors, users and settings, minimizing IT support time and effort.
  • Additionally, AIP Connect features automated MFP device discovery and the ability to push configuration, which reduces the IT workload to install and configure AIP Connect while putting more emphasis on IT's ability to control a secured experience for workplace users.

Connectors Available for:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Network Folders
  • Microsoft SharePoint®




AIP Connect v1.2 Supported Models
Sharp OSA Platform Support Sharp OSA Technology
Mono MX-M283N/M363N/M453N/M503N* 3.5/4.1 Lite
MX-M364N/M464N/M564N 4.5 Lite
MX-M365N/M465N/M565N 4.5
MX-M654N/M754N 4.5
MX-M623N/M753N 3.5/4.1 Lite
MX-M904/M1054/M1204 4.5
MX-M905 5.0
Color MX-C301W 4.5 Lite
MX-2615N/3115N 4.5 Lite
MX-2640N/3140N/3640N 4.5
MX-2610N/3110N/3610N 4.0
MX-4140N/4141N/5140N/5141N 4.5
MX-4110N/4111N/5110N/5111N 4.0
MX-6240N 4.5
MX-6500/7500 (without Fiery) 4.5
MX-3050N/3550N/4050N/5050N/6050N 5.0
MX-3070N/3570N/4070N/5070N/6070N 5.0
MX-5050N/5070N/6050N/6070N 5.0
*Requires a special firmware update for Sharp OSA 4.1 Lite upgrade