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The pandemic presents new challenges for staff, students and parents. Schools and educational institutions must preserve the learning experiences they're so well known for, while finding solutions for distance learning and safety measures for in-person learning. To make the most of budgets, the technology solutions to these issues should be effective beyond the pandemic.

Limit contact with high-touch surfaces of office equipment

In this day and age, people are reluctant to touch high-touch devices around a building. To set everyone's mind at ease, we offer a smartphone application, Synappx™ Go, that allows you to easily print and scan.

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Image of a man standing in front of a Sharp copier wearing a face mask
Image of a young man wearing a face mask sitting with other masked students in a classroom

Hybrid classroom technology solutions

Social distancing guidelines and stay at home orders have divided classrooms. The new hybrid classroom model requires technology that engages remote students as well as those in-person - without compromising the classroom experience. Interactive whiteboards coupled with unified communications technology can help.

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Live, virtual staffing solution

Keep your staff safe with the remote concierge station. It offers your school the ability to staff key locations without having an employee on site. This solution provides the personal touch of a life-size, live interac-tion without risking employee exposure. Watch the video to see it in action!

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