Drivve | Print™

Drivve Print

Drivve | Print™ is a powerful office printing and cost recovery solution designed for the needs of today’s office and mobile workforce. It has modules for Mobile Printing, Device Authentication, Pull Printing, as well as Usage Tracking and Reporting that can be deployed as standalone products or as an integrated solution.

Drivve | Print™ modules include:

  • Mobility Manager

    A stand-alone mobile printing solution that allows users to print from virtually any mobile device to virtually any print device or 3rd party pull printing / cost recovery product.

  • Pull Printing*

    A Sharp OSA-developed application that allows users to select and release print jobs from the control panel of the MFP or a printer.

  • Device Authentication*

    A device authentication application that controls user access to device level services, such as print, copy, scan and fax, through ID card, PIN, login credentials or smartphone authentication.

  • Usage Tracking and Reporting*

    A powerful reporting engine that allows users to create ad hoc and scheduled reports on virtually any aspect of print, copy, scan and fax usage. The reporting function can also be used for chargeback or customer billing.



These modules are available as embedded connector licenses allowing the users to access the functionality directly from the Sharp MFP panel. Drivve | Print™ is supported on selected Sharp MFP models. Please contact your sales rep for more details.

Key Features:

  • Print from virtually any mobile device to virtually any print device
  • Mobile apps for iOS, Android™ and BlackBerry® devices
  • QR-code, PIN and ID Card Authentication
  • LDAP synchronization for user management
  • Supports over 500 document formats
  • Connectors to 3rd party print management/cost recovery solutions
  • Embedded pull printing client for a wide range of MFPs
  • Comprehensive usage tracking and reporting

Key Benefits:

  • Full cost transparency across all users, groups and devices
  • Assign document costs to a department or customer for Cost Recovery
  • Help reduce print and copy costs and eliminate waste
  • Help improve office and mobile worker productivity
  • Help improve security and confidentiality

Drivve | Print™ - Mobile & Office printing

Drivve Print Mobility Manager allows you to print from mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, tablet computers and laptops, as well as any printer or MFP from any location via the Internet or over a WiFi connection, and allows organizations to control and account for all mobile printing. It automatically configures a firewall for printing from mobile devices.