Our Approach

The Communication Continuum

At Sharp Business Systems, we offer a consultative approach that helps our clients to better communicate both internally and with their clients to drive business success faster. We accomplish this through four primary forms of communication: Document-Based, Image-Based and Collaborative-Based Communication, all supported by a strong infrastructure and Network Services. This unique approach is called the Communication Continuum. We strive to apply best practices and top-notch technology in each space to bolster communication and continuity, from your lobby all the way to your server room.

  • Are your current methods very document intensive, which raises cost and lowers security of information?
  • Does your staff truly understand how to share information and collaborate with tools that advance projects and encourage teamwork?
  • Do your staff members understand the importance of the team knowing team goals and objectives and how the results are matching up with those goals and objectives?

We can help determine your priorities and what you’d like to accomplish in these areas, then we start the Communication Continuum process in the space that makes the most sense for your organization. Our specialists pinpoint potential opportunities for improvement within that space and unearth unanticipated solutions along the way.

After the discovery process, we’ll join forces once again to devise a Communication Continuum plan that’s right for your organization and budget. Our ongoing customer account reviews let us gauge the success of the plan to ensure we are continually improving technology in each of the four spaces.

Let us start the discovery process today. We’ll deliver assessments for your Document, Imaging, Collaboration and Network spaces, so you can make intelligent decisions based on your actual data.

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Communication Continuum diagram

The Four Communication Continuum Spaces

Document-Based Communication

When it comes to your Document space, what you don’t know can hurt you. Monthly equipment lease payments, print-happy employees, supply orders, maintenance on overworked devices and downtime can chip away at your bottom line. Hard documents can also create significant security concerns because they offer little to no tracking ability for critical business information.

Our aim is to paint a clear picture of your organization’s total cost of ownership (TCO) and security exposure. To do so, we perform an in-depth analysis to uncover monthly print volume, inventory of all output devices and the overhead to maintain those devices. Interviews with key employees let us determine if current devices are in line with each department’s workload. Your TCO serves as the starting point for us to begin optimizing your document fleet so we can help you:

  • Improve paper processes via multifunctional printers (MFPs) and printers
  • Match the pace of your workforce with a right-sized fleet
  • Strategically place devices to reduce redundancy
  • Lower print-related costs by curbing excessive printing
  • Reduce security and compliance risks by safeguarding information, devices and data
  • Increase uptime with proactive device support and maintenance

Image-Based Communication

Once you are ready to transition from hard copy to digital documents, we enter the Imaging space. Paperwork is constantly being created, circulated, filed and retrieved by employees. Misplaced or lost paperwork can have undesirable ramifications. These risks are virtually eliminated by digitizing documents, yet some companies are hesitant to take the leap. Rest assured, we facilitate the shift to digital in a phased approach, one department at a time, and provide training for an easier and shorter learning curve.

Much like traditional filing cabinets, you can quickly access and retrieve files from an electronic library or database. In addition, you’ll have better control of your content with permission settings that can enable staff to retrieve files from almost any device. Our capture solutions automate the process of scanning and filing documents into your electronic library. We can also create a roadmap to track how paperwork travels from staffer-to-staffer and department-to-department and suggest a document workflow solution to simplify how documents are handled. By implementing a customized digital strategy we can help you:

  • Prevent losing paperwork by digitizing documents
  • Minimize security concerns related to exposure of confidential organizational or personal documents
  • Secure documents and folders by setting permissions by user or group
  • Access files remotely from virtually any device including tablets, phones and other mobile devices
  • Enhance customer service and internal processes with faster access to information
  • Setup automated, electronic workflows to efficiently approve and process documents

Collaboration-Based Communication

A common weakness in many organizations is a lack of cooperative communication. Relaying your ever-changing sales and marketing message to customers or sharing important staff announcements can be quite a challenge. Also, the reality is more and more staffers are working remotely, making the need to collaborate greater than ever. In the Collaboration space, we look to build cohesiveness and find better ways to communicate your message.

Our assessment process begins with your team and the message you want to communicate to your staff and clients. Together, we identity your communication challenges in the Collaboration space and find out what your ideal communication structure and tools look like. Our specialists support this vision by helping you:

  • Communicate a consistent company message to staff using eye-catching professional displays
  • Take executive strategy sessions, new product development sessions and team meetings to the next level with interactive, multifunctional presentation systems
  • Connect socially and globally, in real-time, with cloud video conferencing solutions
  • Target and engage customers in lobbies, malls, airports and trade shows with high-impact digital content
  • Save and access your work “on-the-go”  from anywhere with cloud document sharing services

Network Resources

All the technology we provide can reside on your network. That is why Sharp Business Systems extends a full range of professional IT services to support your Network space. We offer a no-risk, no-obligation assessment to help you understand the health and status of your network and connected devices. We identify your IT assets and detect potential risks and security exposure associated with your network. Then, you determine the next steps based on the findings we present.

Sharp provides expertise and IT infrastructure services to complement experience already provided by your IT department, or if you’re considering alternative computing models to better manage your IT infrastructure, we’ve got you covered. Through our extensive offerings of managed network services you can consider:

  • Peace of mind and less costly downtime through 24/7/365 remote monitoring
  • Proactive monitoring to flag potential issues before they spiral out of control
  • A quick revival of your network following unplanned downtime
  • US-based help desk to alleviate the workload on your IT staff
  • Confidence knowing files, emails and reports are backed up and well-protected through offsite Disaster Recovery Services